Aug 1, 2008


It's Over

All our differences...
All the arguments...
All the fighting...
All the tears shed...
It's all over now
I don't love you anymore
not after what you have done to me
these wounds won't heal
and i certainly won't forgive
Please do forget me
For i will forget you
let's just live our own life
you and me are over....


It's been years since i met you
It's been years since i liked you
It's been years
and yet i still love you
You and me were close
so very close
but this fear of losing you
the fear of you not feeling the same way
have kept me silence
for years....
then i heard from your friend
and you as well
that you felt the same way
and still do after all these years
i was relieved
i finally knew how you feel
finally knew you felt the same as i do
i hope it's not too late
for us to restart....