Jan 18, 2006

Formalin - I ate it, doncha? -

Big fuss going around the country about the use of formalin (correct me if i'm wrong for i'm no good in chemistry, is the common name for Formil Aldehid?) on food substance such as tofus, dried fishes and seafishes. They said that formalin causes cancer in long term, causes instant sicknes if taken in quite a lot amount, and eventually death. What freaks me is that i have been long time tofu eater, and now i think i have quite a lot amount of formalin in my body. Damn it, not so long ago avian influenza, and now formalin??

I think people became distrubed to know that people use the same substance to use on dead bodies being used on the food they love to eat. But came to think of it, if formalin did a good job preservating corpses, doesn't it suppose to make our body fresh all the time (huehehehehe just being riddiculous)....So what should we do? we can never really sure if formalin was used on a food or not, how do we avoid it? Stop eating tofus, dried fish and seafish (i believe some meatballs are said to be contaminated with Borax too)?

I believe some people still fears eating poultry (avian influenza), they might fear eating meats from cow (anthrax), and now you can add meatballs, noodles, tofu, driedfish, and seafish. If they do avoid those foods, what'll they eat then? i hear even veggies are not safe enough because of the pestiside and insectiside....Canned foods must have certain chemical ingredients in it.....Man, what's left to eat? Or should we all go bact to where we were before loooong time ago....plant our own veggies and raise our own food animals?? yeah, that'll be the best answer for secureness in eating dont you think? To me, i'll eat anything, the matter of life and death, sick and healthy, is God's, if it is time for us to die so be it, why need to be bothered by something that prevents us from doing what we like? cheers...

Let's go back to eating formalin :)


ANDRE said...

Formalin = formaldehid (formaldehyde)/metil aldehid (methyl aldehyde)/ metilen oksida (methylene oxide).
Molecular formula = CH2O

Formaldehyde is converted to formic acid in the body, leading to a rise in blood acidity, rapid, shallow breathing, hypothermia, and coma or death. People who have ingested formaldehyde require immediate medical attention.

In the body, formaldehyde can cause proteins to irreversibly bind to DNA

Btw, is tofu the same as beancurd?
'Cause i don't think so...

Tofu is Japanese special beancurd.
Much more delicious than beancurd.
And they don't use formalin, that's for sure....

Ode said...

oh....i never knew that....well, perhaps you're right, as i say my english suks so bad i dunno other words for "tahu" and i dunno that tofu and beancurd are two different thing. thanks for the info.

btw, i think if tofu were made in Indonesia, it would have been contaminated with formalin....