Apr 5, 2005


Let's start off with.........
What's the average time of a concert lasts? one hour? an hour and a half? or maybe two hours? And how many songs were played in a concert? 10? 15? 20? These are what mostly used to tell whether a concert can be rated as poor, fair, good or superb. To me, it's not how long a concert lasts or how many songs played that makes a concert rate, it's the performance of the artist, the quality of the artist or band when singing live.

Avril Lavigne's Bonez tour 2005 concert in Jakarta on April 4th 2005 can be rated either Brilliantly Superb (Subjectively speaking, for i am a BIG fan of her) or satisfyingly good (Objectively speaking). Avril concert that night lasted for about 70 minutes long. Too short you say? Yes, but if you were there, it doesn't feel like a short concert time. Avril and the band gave out their best on that 70 minutes or so, and the only thing that can be called "minus" was the sound system. The stage was big, with black backdrop and Red Avril's Star as the background, and absolutely powerful lightning, makes the stage simple yet Amazing. The sound system made feedbacks on couple of songs, lost the lead guitar sound on couple of songs, and what's important was how Avril's voice sounded more loud than the band's music (a critic for Java Musikindo).

Av kicks off the show with the latest single of her second album "under my skin", "He Wasn't". Av was wearing a black tanktop with Freedom written on it, Blue jeans and a pair of sneakers. "My Happy Ending" came second on the playlist. from there, getting too excited to sing along, i lost count of the playlist. I forgot the order! (damnit, i should've wrote it down). Overall, Av and the band played 19 songs. They are "Take Me Away", "Together", "Don't Tell Me", "Nobody's Home", "Forgotten", "Who Knows", "Things I'll Never Say", "Freak Out", "I Always Get What I Want", "Tomorrow", "Losing Grip", "Sk8er Boi", "I'm With You", Blur's "Song 2", and ends the concert with "Complicated".

Av plays guitar on several songs, plays piano on "Together" and "Forgotten", plays accoustic on "Tomorrow", and plays drum on Blur's "Song 2". Vocal for Blur's "Song 2" was taken over by her rythm Guitarist.

There were pickpocketeers on location. Java have warned the crowd to be aware of our belongings. At the break waiting for the preparation of Av's Piano session, one of the Java's men shouted "check your valuable belongings like cellphone and wallet! Pickpocket sighted!". I don't know if they caught the pickpocket eventually, cause i'm busy enjoying the concert.

Back to Avril. Av's surely shows the crowd how talented she was, and what an awesome performer she was. Her vocal quality was perfect! Am i satisfied you ask? well.....to have seen her live for the first time sure do quench my thirst, but i can never get enough of Avril Lavigne. for the time being, i'm overly satisfied.
That's all on the report, sorry for any mistakes i made for i am only human who makes mistakes. Thank you very much to Java Musikindo for making my dream come true, thanks to Dian Taksi (i took 'em both on my journey), and everyone who helped me (in whatever that is heheheheh). See you in the next report.


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