Apr 12, 2005

What a HOT day Today

i'm just writing to complain about the weather today. ITS FREAKING HOT!! it wasn't this hot when i leave to campus, but when i arrived there, it's like hell visits earth. thank goodness there were AirConds. im at internet cafe now. suddenly, the snail became the speedy, i just cant believe how fast the connection of the cafe today. And the aircond, oooh, just perfect considering the weather outside. im ordering my favourite, strawberry milk. havent eaten yet, maybe later at home.

i confused of what to do here, so i just chat at mirc. found this channel consisted of avril fans I LOVE IT!! i think i'll be there for some time now.

see ya.

1 comment:

ANDRE said...

Hei, if there's a j-pop community in the mirc, let me know ok!