Apr 5, 2007

Primus again.....

I went to the internet cafe today with my firend Prio. As you've probably read in my previous blog, that prio's face have an uncanny similarity to a local celebrity named Primus Yustisio, that's why sometimes we like to call Prio with the name Primus.

In Indonesian (language that is) Primus stands for Pria Muka Setan (a friend came with this and we all loved it, if by chance you're asking what does it mean, Pria Muka Setan in english are "Man with Devil face"). Now, after i know what he usually do when going online, i love to call him PRIA MUKA SEKS (in english, ".....I don't even know what are the english word for this..."). Why? Whenever He's online, he always do either one of this activities :
1. Browse sex related sites
2. Download Porn
3. Download sexy women pictures
4. Download Nude women pictures

5. Read porn stories from sex-sites

Now you see why i call him Pria Muka Seks?

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