Apr 8, 2005


I'm not going to write about the popular series, i love the series but i'm not writing about it today. I'm writing about my real friends. I'm sure everyone has friends at different stages of your life, friends from elementary school, junior high, high school, university, hobby community, internet, etc. So do i. I'm writing about my friends whom i met at this game center called HT.

I know the place, HT, back in 99. I played there when i have spare time (and money). I got to know the keepers first, Arya and Usman. Good fellas, Arya is a slim man, good moslem, more like a cool guy. Usman is more quiet at first, but as time goes, he became very talkative. Then i got to know Amink and Prio. Amink lives right across the street where HT was. Amink is a small white dude, with good body muscle, talkative, a bit snobbish sometimes. Prio, is primus lookalike, he is more calm, owns motorcycle, a great friend in ups and downs. Then came Bejo, Riyan, Didit, Erick, Aryo, Ulay, nando and Welly. I can't describe these names, it would take a whole day. Let's just say that they're good friends.

As the number increase, we started to play soccer together. from soccer came the names of late Bagus, Doko (riyan's big brother), Egent, Azhan (bejo's younger bro), Herou, Wahyu, Ian, Rio, Kesle, Dade, Wiwi, Apun, Beng-beng, Pidonk, Aboy. What a party eh? These names from the top are the people i used to spend time with, either it's playing soccer, hang out, go out riding motorcycles, play card game (no gambling), being naughty, etc. for the note, we did it all TOGETHER, not all names though, i think Bejo, Prio, riyan, and me hangs out more together than the others.

I Missed it. I missed the togetherness. Now they go out whitout even asking me if i want to come along, they do stuff without including me in. It's not like i'm jealous, i just loves the idea doing things together, i like the idea of solidarity, i'm a social person, what more can i say. I guess you can never expect so much out of humans......................

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