Apr 15, 2005

Did I Deserve It?

Did i deserve it
just because i'm poor
just because i'm ugly
just because i'm heavy

Did i deserve it
just because i'm not cool enough
just because i get nervous around a woman
just because the funny voice i have

Did i deserve it
just because i cursed a lot
just because i get easily jealous
just because i'm emotional

Did i deserve it
To be left alone out in the rain
Staring at an empty street where we used to be
wishing that you're al here with me

Did i deserve it?


ANDRE said...

You'll find your princess someday.
For an amazing person like you, hell no way nobody wants you

Eh, gw salah komentar ya?

Ode said...

Yeah, i'll fid my princess someday, but who's talking about princess? You are officially the first person to say i'm amazing hueheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh