Mar 31, 2005

Whew, it's been a while

It's been a while since i last wrote a blog. I was kinda busy, with everyone telling me to hurry up and claim my university degree (aka. quickly graduate), so i tried my best not to dissapoint them.

i have a lot of writings to be posted actually, it's just that i forgot to bring it to the internet "waroeng". so here i am trying to write something that might interest you all.

I went to Simple Plan concert last weekend with friends. there were 5 of us. Not really watching the show, just hangin' out right outside the venue and listening to the music (not really clear tho', it's like listening to an old magnetic tape) and sightseeing. Two girl came to my attention at the side gate, both were white and quite gorgeous, BUT they came with their boyfrens i think. they left after "Welcome to my life" finished playing. We saw celebs too, Sarah Azhari and her sister Rahma came with a friend. A friend of mine says hi to Sarah, and she replied a quick "yes". Nice BooBS hehehehehehe just kidding, i don't really stare at her boobs :P

We went home after the show which SHOCKINGLY to us was more children than adults went to the concert. Makes me kinda wondering, are simple plan a KIDSBAND???? why kids love them more than adults??? Anyway, we went to WAFA afterwards (not know wafa? hello......where are you from? it's like.....a must to be known place to hang out and eat) to grab a bite or two. From Wafa we went home at around 11.30.

That was it, one time escaping my soooooooo veryyyyyyyyyyy DULL LIFE (of course watching movies and listening music are another ways to escape).

I'll be posting the chapter two of Diary Of A Normal Man soon enough. Until then........SEE YA


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ANDRE said...

Buruan selesaiin kuliah!!!!
Buruan tulis blog lagi!
Buruan nginep lagi di sini!!