Mar 14, 2005

Rock Girl

Sitting in a room with the T.V. on
My friend is there with me busy with his phone
Suddenly something attracts me
To increase the volume of the tele

A girl is singing and playing guitar
Her voice is so lovely sets my mind up far
Who could she be I ask me
She attracts me deeply like honey do bee

Her eyes strikingly gorgeous
This I am serious
The eyes of the rock girl
More beautiful than pearl

Avril Lavigne is the name so I see
At the end of the song that I wanted again to see
Starting that day I am a fan and always will be
Of the rock girl and the band that I saw on MTV



ANDRE said...

Hmmmm, enak ya yg punya teman2 di himpunan.
Gw boro-boro, masuk himpunan aja males.
Imasika, ikatan mahasiswa kimia.
Apa sih yg gw bisa dapet dari mereka?
Belum pernah ada hasil yg signifikan yg pernah mereka buat.
Oh well, it's no use grumping....

Ode said...

yang loe bisa dapet dari himpunan atau ikatan mahasiswa lain ya....pengalaman kerja dalam tim. you'll learn to respect your teammates, tau macam2 sifat orang, en yang pasti punya pengalaman organisasi membantu dalam curriculum vitae :)

ANDRE said...

well, maunya sih gitu, but the circumstances and the timing is just not right. If you knew how inconvenient here, you wouldn't expect anything better. So here i am, sitting here in front of the computer all days, browsing, watching movies, and listening to the j-music.