Jan 16, 2006

Best Soundtracks

I often recieved a poll-like message on my friendster bulletin board. They asked for top 5 favourite songs or songs you listen the most at the time, or top five movies, or ask silly questions, and the author expect you to forward it with your answer to your friends. What are the use of such activities? does the author got nothing to do but write such stuff?? Still....i find it quite a good time killing activities, so i answered several of them (if i had time to kill).

From all questions that i eventually read and answered, i never came across a question asking for favourite soundtrack album. I saw on muchmusic (O channel) listed 20 best soundtracks ever and i find it different with my own list of best soundtracks. On that show the narrator sometimes indicated that what makes it a good soundtrack is because the songs are perfectly suited with the film, while others enters the list because it has one amazing hit that everytime people hear the song they will remember the film. Still, having agreed with the narrator, i can't seem to understand why several soundtracks i feel don't deserve to be on the list are included on the list.

With this blog, i want to list what i think deserve to be the best soundtracks ever. You can leave your list on comment box or send it to my email, i would appreciate if you do that. Here we go:

1. Grease - Yep, what a soundtrack. every single are just good to listen to (i made this list based on the songs quality) and how can you not familiar with any of the songs sang in the album.
2. Selmasongs (soundtrack of Dancer in the Dark) - Magnificent songs by a great musician (Bjork). If you watch the movie, it'll be much better rather than hearing the album only.
3. The Bodyguard - I can't help it, Whitney's I Will Always Love You is one of the reason why i think this album is great, The rest of the songs are excellent too.
4. City of Angels - Iris is the main reason i liked it, and Sarah McLachlan....true angel.
5. Armageddon - Yep, Love it too. Chantal and Aerosmith did a good job on this album.
6. Great expectations - Hmmm....I lost my cassete....i can't say much but i love life in mono.
7. The Wedding Singer - FYI, in case you haven't know yet, Adam Sandler is a great songwriter....and singer (not too good tho' but i loved it anyway, you should heard him sang in 50 first dates too).
8. Princess Diary 2 - Good combination of songs (a lot of female voices here, love it!)
9. Dawson's Creek - i know it's not a movie soundtrack, but at least they named it soundtracks. I like Paula Cole's here.
10. Spirit - Good songs, you've got to hear Don't let go....Sarah's an Angel

Oh, about local film soundtracks, well....they often only manage to have one hits so i have second and third thoughts about putting them on my list. Yet the best local soundtrack to me so far is Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?

Kay, that's it, enjoy.

1 comment:

ANDRE said...

Wah, kalo soundtrack yg gue bilang paling bagus itu soundtracknya "One Piece".
Selain lagu2nya emang bagus bgt, juga pas dengan ceritanya itu sendiri.
Bukan liriknya, which i don't and will never understand, tapi aransemen musiknya itu.
Feel "one piece"nya dapet!!!

Guahahaha, different taste we have, don't we???
Eventhough i'm really fond of hollywood movies, i never managed to like the soundtracks. Dunno why...