Jan 16, 2006

Oh Red Devils........

As probably you know already, i'm a BIG fan of Manchester United. I have always love seeing the club play football, a great football that is. I first saw ManUtd on tv, i dunno the excact year but i remember it was against Crystal Palace, first football match i ever see. The match made me love football until now, yet it hasn't really made me a fan of manutd. I first became fan on the era of The King Eric Cantona. I think it was by the time Cantona returned after suspension. From that day on, i am a fan of Manchester United.

Nowadays, ManUtd suffers many difficulties. The likes of Arsenal and Chelsea are beginning to disturb ManUtd domination in england. What could cause these bad results to happen? I started to believe that the blame was on Sir Alex. He was a great manager, at least fo some years. Now that he is old, and other managers have already aware of Sir Alex tactics, he just can't compete with great young tactics of other manager (this same reason i think happening to Arsene Wenger as well, it's not the lost of Vieira that made Arsenal like this, it was because most of clubs already know how Arsenal play). So i think, to save ManUtd, there will be replacement needed, Soon.

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ANDRE said...

Yup, sama kaya bayern munchen.
Terlalu lama pake Ottmar Hitzfeld.
Taktik "possesion football and counter"-nya udah ketahuan.

Makanya diganti ama Felix Magath kan??

2 tahun lagi pasti ganti pelatih.