Jan 9, 2006

Freeze to Death

New Years eve where was i you asked? PUNCAK.

It was 9.30pm, after the barbeque party, me and my friends were chatting and fooling around when one of our friend arrive. "Let's go for a ride" he said. The other agrees."where to?" i asked. "bogor, to my friend's house".
"drive me home, i'm going to get my jacket" i said. "don't bother, it's not cold and we'll only be there for a while. look, even Prio doesn't wear jacket" he replied. "okay, whatever" i said.
There were 9 of us with 5 motorcycle.

We arrived at bogor at excactly 00.30. we stopped to have a drink, what a ride and we're all thirsty. "Now that we're here, what should we do?" ask bejo.(we didn't go to my friend's friend's house-do you get me?- coz he's not home) "Let's continue to puncak" and the others agree "What the heck? are you freaking serious? i don't have jacket on damn it!!" a said and they just laugh. "it's not cold,and if it is cold, wear my jacket" "Fine!"

And it is cold. We made several stops. First one at a gas station. Second one at a public toilet, we can't control our bladder coz of the cold. Third one was because one of my friend freezed and can't continue drive the motorcycle, he ask to be replaced. Last stop was at the coffee house at the Top. We have drinks again (hot this time, coffee, choco, ginger, you name it we drank it) and have noodles, just to keep ourselves warm.

Went home at 04.30 and guess what? TRAFFIC JAM even motorcycle couldn't get through. The 2-3 hours trip home became 5 Freaking hours trip!! Yes we arrived at 9.30 in the morning, tired, Veeeery tired. Next stop, the cotton Island.

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ANDRE said...

freezing to death????
dengan cadangan lemak penahan panas tubuhmu itu???

gimana gue yak???