Jan 9, 2006

Lost and Found


It was new year's eve....well not evening actually.....i dunno what you call 5.30 in the afternoon.....whatever........
I was with my friends preparing for a seafood barbeque party. All of a sudden, someone call my name, it's a woman's voice so i thought it's my neighbour calling me, but when i look, it's not my neighbour at all, it's someone from the past, someone whom i never heard for i dunno.....9 years? yeah, i think it's about 9 years ago the last time i saw her, she's a friend that went to the same junior high with me. Her initials are FFV, kinda pretty name, and believe me, she is pretty....
Why do i bother writing bout this? well, it's because i'm so THRILLED seeing her again. I had a Big Time crush for her in junior high, but since she's my bestfriend's girlfriend i couldn't tell it to her or anybody else. Now that my bestfriend turnsout to be gay and have no relationship with her anymore, i kinda thinking "well this is it, my chance of getting to know her better". Anyway, that afternoon she was with her mom on their way to the church so she couldn't stop by for long. That's the only moment i have so far, haven't met her again, if i do i'd ask for her time and perhaps her number so we can talk more.


Wednesday morning at 5.00. I was going to sleep when the phone rang. What was i doing up in the morning you say? Watching Manchester United held to a draw by Arsenal of course, I'm a red devils! That freaking gunners were lucky, Da$n It!!
Anyway, the call was my cousin looking for my father (He's up too, he's a gunners, it's hard living like this when gunners and red devils meet). They talk for a while and from the look on my father's face i can tell it's a bad news....and it was....My Grandmother passed away. Big Time Shock!! I've already lost my Grandfather, now Grandma too? I don't have grandparents anymore, either from my dad's or my mom's. So there it is, my father busy calling every relative to inform about it and also to plan to go to where my Grandma used to live, South Sulawesi. I wanna come to, but i can't for some reason i couldn't write. Still sad now.....GoodBye Grandma

I Missed you, missed you so bad
I won't forget you, you know that i can't


Andre is really proud of grandma said...

Nice post!!!!

Sub judulnya itu loh, lost and found.

About Grandma, i'm actually happy for her. Now she really can rest in true peace in heaven, a place everyone's been longing for.

What makes me sad is the thought and worriness of not to be able to be as successful as her.

But again, like Jesus said:
"Worry not"

Ode said...

The lost still makes me sad.....
On other hand like you said, it's good for her to finnaly meet God, and Grandpa.........
Still...when losing someone precious....Sad is common right?