May 4, 2005

I Felt Bad

I felt bad today. Yesterday i went online and heard this new song from indonesian band "PADI". it was played on winAmp, the album hasn't benn released yet, so i assume that they got it from downloading. I told my friend about the new song and he went to search the web for the song. He's gone online again today and still doesn't get the new song. I felt bad because i may have disappointed him. I wish i knew the site to dLoad new Indonesian mp3s. Heeeeeelp

It was hot today, FREAKING HOT!! It seems like the sun is closer, and closer, and closer each day. I hate the weather so bad, i could've cursed the creator of the weather (fortunately i didn't, bad idea to curse at God).

I have a mid term test on friday. a lot of counting to do, but that's not a problem to me, i'm only lacking in memorizing notes. AAaaaargh, some dude with bad voice was singing outloud, i lost my concentration in writing. Damn It, does he think this place is his house??? keep the voice low dude, or i might have to kick yer ass!!

ciao. ROCK ON!


ANDRE said...

It's getting hot on earth today, because hell is much much closer than ever, guahahahaha!

ikram said...

Bogor makin panas ya.
Untung saya nggak jadi kuliah disana.

Halo Ode, salam kenal.