Oct 24, 2007

Me and My O so Called Poetic Side


Oh no
Where did everybody go?
It was loud for a while
Now i am left alone without a smile
Everyone is gone
I really hate being ALONE


Rain fell
Plants dwell
It's cold outside
And i have no one by my side
If the rain should stop to fall
I hope my loneliness gone as well


I've been down,
deeper than the deepest sea...
So many times that i
forget how to rise above...

I've been wounded,
Much worse than being shot by a gun...
So many times that i
Forget how to heal...

I've been brokened,
Shattered like a fragile glass...
So many times that i
Can't seem to pick up the pieces...

Yet on the end of the day..
There'll be someone to raise me up..
Heal my wounds..
And pick up the pieces of me..

Someone like you..
A friend so true..

-u know who u are-

First time i saw her
"pretty" is all i could say
First time i knew her
Great feelings came my way
The more i know her
Sadness seems to go away
Now that i've lost her
Sorrow is here to stay...


For so long
We talked
We laughed
We cried
We argued
We fought

I gave you all
My time
My thoughts
My Smile
My attention
My heart

Yet you gave me none
No time
No thoughts
No smile
No attention
No love

And now
I laugh
I smile
I cry
I fight
I love

But not with you
For i have given my heart
To someone who can keep it
And love me back

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Anonymous said...

keren juga....mau dong dibuatin poemnya.....