Oct 12, 2009

Two in one Day

King and Queen

If i'm a bee, would you be my honey?
If i'm a king, would you be my queen?
When i fall down, would you pick me up?
When i'm being honest, would you lie?

Words are often just spoken
Vows shall not be broken
I love you, and that is true
Have i become the best for you

What a Day

What a day, what a day
What a fabulous day
A day when i see lots of smiles
A day full of things so nice

Today i'm being reassured
By things that you said
Oh how lucky i'll be
To have you as my wife to be

What you said you'd become
Has made me really calm
Through your eyes i saw honesty
What a great wife you are to be

thank you for the day 

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