Feb 16, 2005

Finally!! Avril come to Jakarta

Finally!! Avril Lavigne dateng juga ke Jakarta.
Dari pertama kali gw denger nih cewek nyanyi, i thought "man, if she come to Jakarta for a concert, i will be there, no argue". She's got the talent to be an artist, and she surely have the looks as well (damn those eyes of hers, i just can't find a match to those beautiful eyes).

And now, She will be coming to Jakarta. Pleased? of course i am. Tapi ada masalah juga, lately keadaan keuangan gue ga begitu bagus, and the last time i checked the tickets will be sold quite expensive (at least to me). But for her, i don't mind not spending my extra allowance on thigs i used to purchase or do (like internet for one).

so Avril, hope nothing goes wrong and you'd be here to give me one moment of a lifetime. to all Avril fans, see you at the concert!! ROCK ON!!


ANDRE said...

Wah wah wah, you really fond of her!!
Ada loh yang menderita krn gak bisa nonton Avril,... si Liku! Guahahahahaha....
Kasihan yg jauh rumahnya

buwel said...

go avril go go...heheeheh

Arnold Linting said...

@Buwel : wakksss....sejauh ini ngubeknya bro?? huebaatt :)