Apr 12, 2009

For You

Peace and comfort

Happy and cheer

That’s how I feel

When you are near

We talk a lot

And shared some laughs

Shared hugs and kisses

And even nose touches

These are the things

I wish I have

Not for a moment

But for the rest of my life

If things don’t work out

The way that we want

Know one thing my baby

My love will not die

If we have to part

At some point in our time

I thank you honey

You’re the best in my life


Ariyanti Danurtiyas said...
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Ariyanti Danurtiyas said...

Such a beautiful poem... :)

Arnold Linting said...

Thank you Ari...

Btw ri, waktu nulis komen liat ga siapa yang komen sebelumnya? kenapa diapus ya?