Jun 16, 2007

Mon Frere

I know a boy
A boy so similar yet so different from me
A boy lost his love one at young age
A boy with kind heart and bright mind
A shy boy on the surface, A brave boy inside
A boy that cherish friendship

The boy have a problem
A problem neither he or i can solve
I offered him a helping hand
He rejected and even scold me back
"If you want to help just shut up!" he said
I think he's upset with me for trying too hard

It's been days since we last talk
I don't know how he is doing
Has he solve his problem
Don't know whether he keep on trying or give up
I wanted to ask
But afraid that he'd be more upset

I'm only saying it 'cause i care
Please don't despair my dear mon frere
I'm here to lift you up
And i will be here to catch you if you should fall

Once again,
Please don't despair my dear Little Brother

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