Feb 27, 2006


Wet season's here. Yes we've been getting a lot of rain recently, hard ones too, with thunders roaming, wind blowing hard, and then came....FLOOD

Yes, believe it or not, myhouse was flooded couple of weeks ago.

It was raining hard from 12.oo midnight. I was trying to go to sleep, but couldn't for some reason. When the clock shows 00.45, my dad get out from the room to check how things are going. He then came back in and told us to prepare ourself for a flood because the water level are high. Last time our house flooded was in 2002 (remember when everywhere in jakarta were flooded?), so it was some time....and yes we're a bit prepared this time.

We started to put every valuables to a higher place, place where water couldn't reach. After about 15 minutes moving things in our house, the water start pouring to our house. not for long the water reaches the height of my ankle. We thought if the rain don't stop immediately, it'll reach our knees (although i thought it's impossible, i realize that nothing's impossible if God wants to). Thank God the rain stopped soon enough, so the water level are still around our ankles. We cleaned the house as soon as the water level outside are low enough. And so it was, we cleaned the house until 4.30 in the morning.

No sleep for us that day....hhhhhh........

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