Feb 21, 2006

Oh Valentine......


What makes this person so special that people have one day to celebrate it? This person share lots of love to the world? How much love a human can give that they actually have a day to memorize it? God certainly have even much bigger love that he share to people unconditionally, do people celebrate the love that God give? If that's not the case, then why do people celebrate St Valentine's day?

Some say that valentine is a day full of love. Is that so? What about other days in a year? They don't have love in those days? You don't need one special day to love anyone, you can have 365 days in a year to love anyone you want, but why is this one day so special?

To celebrate love some say. Well, yes love needs to be celebrated, but what with these chocolate gift and flowers? You don't show love with those stuff. What if someone you love is allergic to chocolate or flowers? You don't show your love with it, you're trying to kill that person. Chocolate and flowers kinda make valentine's day turns into a lie and decieving day. Suddenly people are asking their loved ones to give them chocolate or flowers when they usually don't. Some who were given chocolate don't eat the chocolate, it became a waste. They lie and pretend to like chocolate or flowers so that others can see that they celebrate valentine just by showing others somebody gave him/her those two items.

So to me, people who celebrate valentine with chocolate and flowers are actually a fool. Yes it's romantic, but as i said, not all like chocolate or flowers. If you really want to celebrate love, try to give the unconditional love to the person you love, that would really mean a lot to the person. And as to those who stick to the chocolate and flowers tradition, well......have it your own way, i don't mind at all

Happy Valentine's Day


ANDRE said...

Don't worry.

Soon in the future, no doubt that you'll be sending lots of chocolate and cards to your Mrs. Right, that you would wonder why valentine's day is not everyday.

Ode said...

Oh....i'm very sure i will not send chocolate to anyone coz i trully believe that it's ridiculous to say you love someone through chocolate. I do send love ones greetings messages and cards, but not CHOCOLATE. The question is.....WHY CHOCOLATE?? if chocolate is that important, then let's create a chocolate day rather than use chocolate on valentine's day :P