Feb 21, 2006

Life without TV

Most people can't stand spending a day without watching TV. TV has lots of use not only to watch TV station, it can be used to play video games and watch videos. If you spend most of your time doing activities using Television, what do you feel about spending a day or two (or more) without it?

My TV's out of order for two long days, and i'm not really troubled by it. I have only one TV, and i can't say i use it very often. I only watch TV at several TV programs (Survivor, Soccer match, C.S.I, Lost, MTV). My father really upset when the TV broke. He spent most of His day watching TV (oftenly only watching news programme) and the fact to be unable to watch TV is really upseting Him. It's nobody's fault the TV broke that day. We were all watching TV on a fine sunday, watching MTV's Pimp my ride marathon when suddenly...POOF!!....The TV went dark. First we thought it was power down, but when we saw that the light is still on, i rush to unplug the TV, and starting to smell (yeah, i actually try to smell at things like a dog) the TV if there's a burn sign or not. It turns out to be none, the TV wasn't burning. When panic came, my dad tell me to call handyman to fix the TV (for it is a trouble to take the tv out and put it in a handyman workshop). So i called, and postponed by the rain, the handyman (wonder why i refer a mechanic as handyman? coz he fix all things not only electronics) came around six PM. Some parts needs to be replaced, and he said it will take him 2-3 days to find the spareparts and fix it. So there it was, two days without TV........Care to try?

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ANDRE said...

di rumah gue ada tv banyak.
Mau ke sini?