Feb 27, 2006

Help me out Bro

It was sunday. A phone call disturb me watching pimp my ride. It was a friend of mine, Tri, asking if i can go out with him to glodok to buy some games (he owns three Sony Playstation game center). I didn't actually agree to go with him, but he assume that i did. I was tired and sleepy, and the fact that i just went to glodok on saturday really puts me on the state of "I DON'T WANT TO GO THERE AGAIN TODAY". So i called my cousin, ask him to sms me and told him to write "Ke rumah gue sekarang! Pentingg!! (Come to my house now! Urgent!!)". As i recieved the message, I then called Tri and said to him "I got to go to my cousins house, he said it's important". Tri understood and i offered him if he wants to go with another friend of mine who might want to go, but he declines and said that he'll do the negotiate with my friend. So there it is, the reason why i needed your help Dre. Thanks a lot, you are a life saviour :)


ANDRE said...

Eh, ngapain juga lo butuh sms gue? Kan lo tinggal bilang (boong) kalo gue minta lo ke rumah gue.
What's the big deal??
sama sama boong kan?
atau guilty feelingnya lebih kecil kalo bawa2 sms gue?

Ode said...

Kalo ada bukti kan lebih kuat, dia jadi mikir "ooh, bener dia disuruh kerumah sepupunya" :P