Jul 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Ariyanti

Life is full of ups and downs
Life is full of smiles and frowns
At times you cried so hard
And times you laughed so loud

Spending my life with you
Will always be my ups, not downs
Spending a second without you
That’s when I lose grounds

Knowing someone like you
Is what every man would want to
Spending entire life with you
Is the first thing I want to do

Your eyes are beautiful, they shine like star
Each stare will sent every man up far
Your smile is like a medicine
That cures every hurt and pain

Everything about you is special
It’s not a lie, it’s so real
I already see my future with you
Please stay with me and say I do

And on this special day
I have a few words to say
Happy Birthday dear Ariyanti
You will always be my sweet Tea

-I Love You Tea-


quinie said...

coooo cuuuiiiittt.

Happy birthday ri...
ehm ehm... ga terharu baca postingan ini ? :D

quinie said...

horeeee.. gua pertamaxxxx


buwel said...

ngikutan mbak sya....hepy b'day ri.....:)

Aisha said...

very nice poem.Happy birthday sis arie..panjang umur dan sehat selalu ya...

Ariyanti said...

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Jadi pengen senyum teruuusss...
Makasiy ya Nod, makasiy Quinie, Buwel, n sis Aisha :)

Arnold Linting said...

@Semua : Makasiy yaaa :)-