Jun 11, 2009

I Adore You

Pertama lihat lirik ini dari Mba' Raya. Waktu itu belum tau lagunya kaya apa. Dari Mba' Raya juga akhirnya bisa denger lagu ini...enak...dan yang pasti liriknya bagus eeuuyy :)-

I'm maybe not romantic
I'm maybe not poetic
sometimes I'm not that fluent
to find those magic words
I wish that I could show you my emotion
how can I give a notion
to use all my attention
to say how deeply I adore you
I hope you do forgive me
on moments when I'm clumpsy
the truth is some uncertain
when we're about to make love
how my jokes they cover my confusion
though it's not my intention
to tease you with this nonsense
you should know
how deeply I adore you
don't reject me
you could hurt me
although I seem so silly
but it'll hurt me
I'm maybe different
as you've discovered
but I'm getting warm inside
whenever you are near me
I'm no longer lonely
don't ever leave me
cause I can't stand
the coldless when you are gone

-I Adore You (Daniel Sahuleka)-


Ariyanti Danurtiyas said...

yg mana ya lagunya? Liriknya bagus banget :)

Arnold Linting said...

yang itu tuh...yang ada di flashdisk :P-