Jun 11, 2009

The Light


I’ve been in the dark for a while
Too many detours on my trail
The old light I use to see
Got even more and more tiny

Then somehow I see a light
It’s new and it’s so bright
So I begin to follow the light
And let it lead my heart

It gives me power to keep me smiling
It gives me power to stay living
The light that gives me the thrill
After so many times I have been ill

The light belongs to someone else
Made me think things that doesn’t make sense
I would’ve steal it for my good use
But I wouldn’t do such an abuse

The love that I feel is killing me
I really want us forever be
Having you now is not possible
So I will wait until you and I are able

-I Love You-


Ariyanti Danurtiyas said...

And now u already have it, rite? :)

Arnold Linting said...

yes, indeed